Happy 3rd anniversary

It marked the 3rd year for M-solutions Inc. on this January 12th. It is all thanks to you, and we, M-solutions here truly and sincerely appreciate for all our customers and supporting companies.

Enhancing our teamwork of the company wide, M-solutions has been striving forward to our missions; we surely contribute to medical institutions in light of taking over your asset, medical equipment for your property management for example.

Many medical institutions in Japan are now facing up with some challenges on management. As you can see from the policy and the future-plan on medical services of our Ministry of Health, the challenges are getting harder and harder with swiftly changing external factors and it is now even beyond your expectation.

We, M-solutions, continues making all our effort to propose our solutions for you, for those challenges. Not only simply buying equipment, but also we offer solutions from multiple approaches such as maximization your assets and optimization of your facilities’ running cost.

On one hand, we contribute to domestic medical parties on your management. On the other hand, we work together with you, people all over the world in terms of quality of your medical service with equipment from Japan. Again, we appreciate for your all support for us and M-solutions team resolve to be a company essential for everybody in medical scene.


Hiroyoshi MIYAMA 

CEO / M-solutions Inc.